How to Deposit and Withdraw
1.Enter, click "Wallet" and choose the token you want to deposit
2. Click "Deposit"
3. Deposit
You can do this on a PC browser, and your PC browser needs to have both Metamask and ConfluxPortal installed. Enter the amount you need, click the button, and MoonSwap will call Metamask and ConfluxPortal at the same time.
Please pay attention to the minimum deposit amount. If the amount you transfer into Conflux is lower than the minimum deposit amount, these tokens will not be able to reach your Conflux address.
Please be sure to click on the MoonSwap or ShuttleFlow page before proceeding to the transfer operation, otherwise it may cause losses.
When the token crosses in Conflux, ShuttleFlow will charge a certain amount of handling fee to pay for the GAS generated in Ethereum during the cross-chain process.
If it is the first time that you have transfered ERC20 assets into Conflux, ShuttleFlow will deploy a contract on Ethereum for you, which will cost additional GAS.
4. You can also retrieve the corresponding tokens to the Ethereum address at any time
First enter the number of assets you want to withdraw, and then enter the Ethereum wallet address you want to withdraw (please DON’T withdraw assets to any address other than the Ethereum address)
You need to know that there is a small withdrawal fee for each withdrawal, please be prepared before withdrawing.
Please read the instructions for withdrawing assets carefully. After completing the preparations, please click Confirm Withdraw to withdraw assets.
After clicking Confirm Withdraw, the Conflux wallet will be authorized at this time. Click Confirm to complete the withdrawal. This is a cross-chain withdrawal, which will arrive in about 8~15 minutes.
4. Tips
You need to pay attention, please do not deposit any ERC20 assets (including MOON) to the Conflux wallet address because this will cause your assets to be lost.
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