How to migrate assets to Conflux through mining?

1. Go to Farm

Go to, click [Farm] on the main site and then click [Ethereum Galaxy].

2. Choose a token

Choose a token to farm, for example, MOON, and then click [Click to migrate liquidity].

3. Liquidity migration

After clicking on “Click to migrate liquidity”, the smart-contract will help you automatically add MOON from the bounded wallet

4. Authorization

You will then see a notification to authorize the Conflux wallet. After reading the terms, click on [I understand, next"].
Note: If you have not created a Conflux wallet, please create one now.

5. Confirm the migration

After [Click to migrate liquidity] and create a Conflux wallet, the corresponding MOON-ETH , UNI-V2, or SUSHI SLP will help you to accept as cMOON LP TOKEN. Click on "confirm migration" to complete the migration and the cMOON LP TOKEN will be automatically deposited into your Conflux address.
Note: This process takes about 30 minutes.
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