How to participate in the Kepler Protocol?
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What is Kepler Protocol?
The Kepler Protocol is an asset management protocol developed by MoonSwap, dedicated to improving asset utilization efficiency.
More Info:
Kepler Protocol — The Solution To Increase AMM Assets Utilization to 100%
What is mToken?
mToken is an interest-bearing asset in the Kepler protocol. mToken can participate in market making and yield farming in MoonSwap, and it can enter other projects to obtain income through Kepler Protocol.
The exchange ratio between mToken and original assets is always 1:1, and you can do the convert at any time.
How to participate in the Kepler Protocol?
1.Choose the Token Pair
Enter the Kepler Protocol page:
At the top of the page, you can choose to participate in Kepler Protocol through different currency pairs.
2. Convert cToken to mToken
In the corresponding token pairs, you need to convert cToken to mToken.
In the "Kepler Financial Management" section of the page, you can convert the corresponding cToken to mToken. The exchange ratio of cToken and mToken is always 1:1, and you can realize the mutual conversion between cToken and mToken at any time.
3. Add liquidity
In the "Add Liquidity" section of the page, enter the corresponding amount of tokens and click "Start".
After adding liquidity, you will get the corresponding MLP tokens. MLP Tokens are not speculative tokens to be traded. They are merely an accounting or bookkeeping tool to keep track of how much the liquidity providers are owed.
If there is a corresponding mining pool in MoonSwap, you can stake MLP to the mining pool and get cMOON rewards.
4. The benefits of Kepler Protocol
At this point, you have successfully participated in Kepler Protocol.
The income of the Kepler Protocol is mainly divided into 3 parts: Liquidity Provider market-making Profits, third-party protocol profits and yield farming profits.
Liquidity Provider market-making Profits
After you add liquidity to Kepler Protocol, you have become a MoonSwap market maker. There is a 0.3% fee for swapping tokens, among them: 0.25% is allocated to liquidity providers. After the liquidity provider adds liquidity to a certain token pair in MoonSwap, he/she will receive MLP tokens. 0.25% of MoonSwap's total transaction volume will be sent to all liquidity providers as compensation.
Third-party protocol profits
After you convert cToken to mToken, mToken will enter MoonSwap as liquidity, and cToken will enter the third-party protocol through Kepler to earn profits.
Yield farming profits
If there is a corresponding mining pool in MoonSwap, you can stake MLP to the mining pool and get cMOON rewards.
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