How to trade on MoonSwap?
1. Connect Wallet
First, you need to connect to the Conflux wallet and authorize it (if you need to create a Conflux wallet, please click here)
2. Log into the wallet
Enter the password and authorize to login to Conflux wallet, your wallet address will be displayed on the right top of the homepage
3. How to Swap tokens?
You need to use one Token to exchange for another Token, enter the Token you want to swap in the “From” dropdown list, such as ETH, and then select the Token you want to get in the “To” dropdown list, such as USDT. After approval, you can click on Address to view the current progress.
4. How to provide liquidity?
You need to click on the “Pool” and then click on “Add liquidity”.
You need to provide the equivalent value of two tokens to the pool. For example, if you provide 1 ETH, you must also provide the equivalent of 357 USDT (the price at the time of writing the document). After clicking on the authorization, confirm again to provide liquidity. You can click on your address to view the progress.
5. Successfully provide liquidity
After the transaction is confirmed, the assets you provide will be displayed in the pool. At this time, you have become an LP and can enjoy a 0.3% fee income.
Of course, you can remove your liquidity at any time by clicking “Remove”, then your assets will return to your Conflux wallet immediately.
6. Setting
You can set parameters in advance before each transaction, such as slippage, transaction deadline, interface mode, etc.
1) Slippage
If the price fluctuation range of your transaction exceeds the slippage you set, the transaction will be canceled.
2) Interface Mode
You can switch your favorite mode, such as Light Mode and Dark Mode.
3) Language Switch
We support several languages.
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