Common Problem

Token Distribution

The total supply of MOON is 100,000,000, which will be released throughout about 7 to 6 years and 98.75% of the supply will be distributed through mining (The other 1.25% has been burned). 90% of the MOON released by mining will be distributed to users and 10% will be reserved for the team. Mining will be divided into 5 stages:
Genesis Mining: 100 MOON/block with 50,000 blocks in total (for about 7 days) Stage 1: 10 MOON/block with 5,000,000 in total (for about 1.9 years) Stage 2: 5 MOON/block with 5,000,000 in total (for about 1.9 years) Stage 3: 2.5 MOON/block with 5,000,000 in total (for about 1.9 years) Stage 4: 1.25 MOON/block with 5,000,000 in total (for about 1.9 years)

How to Get cMOON?

1. Staking MLP to Conflux Galaxy to gain cMOON.
2. Provide liquidity to cMoon/other tokens and gain transaction fees in cMOON.
3. Participate in community campaigns to get cMOON airdrop.
4. Swap other tokens for cMOON in MoonSwap.

Can I deposit tokens from exchanges? Or can I only deposit from MetaMask?

Moonswap's eth supports two recharge methods;
  1. 1.
    You can use metamask wallet to recharge ceth directly;
2. Copy the charging address or scan the QR code to recharge in other wallets;
3. Other currencies can only copy addresses for recharging.
Do not recharge any non eth chain assets, any recharge operation must be completed in moonswap

Why is recharge withdrawal not in real time?

Because moonswap will use conflux's asset cross chain protocol to help users complete the cross chain of assets. During this period, it will take some time, about 8-15 minutes to complete.

Is online operation on moonswap really 0gas?

Yes, because the underlying research and development is based on conflux, and the gas cost of conflux is extremely low, with an average of $0.01 per transaction. What is more surprising is that the contract of conflux also supports the function of payment on behalf. Now, even $0.01 does not need to be paid by the user, but is directly paid by the contract of conflux. This will continue and truly realize 0gas.
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