MoonSwap Assets Migration Workflow Description
Thanks to the community members for your continued support of MoonSwap, we will complete the final assets migration work. In order to let everyone better understand the migration work and successfully complete the assets migration, we feel it is necessary to share the migration process with everyone so that everyone knows what will happen next and its safety.

MoonSwap asset migration process description

1. This assets migration will complete the migration from Ethereum to Conflux, which will bring users a higher-speed and 0 GAS transaction experience;
2. The migration work will involve two parts: Contract Migration and Users Operation;
3. Contract Migration will involve Emigration contract and Immigration contract;
4. Users need to perform operations to complete the Conflux wallet address matching and get MLP assets (MoonSwap LP Token);
5. The migration contract will help users automatically complete the migration of assets, inject liquidity and enter the Farm pools for automatic mining;

Workflow description of assets migration contracts:

1. The Emigration contract will accept the assets on Ethereum and generate Moon LP Token;
2. Accepted layer1 assets (ETH) will generate Conflux cross-chain layer2 assets (cETH) through a cross-chain protocol and transfer them to Immigration contract on Conflux, and issue Moon LP Token to users;
3. After the Immigration contract receives the cross-chain Layer 2 assets (cETH), it adds liquidity to MoonSwap, generates MLP and is hosted by the Immigration contract to complete the assets migration work;
4. The user completes the [one-click to migrate liquidity] operation on Moonswap, matches the Conflux wallet address, gets the cMoon LP Token with Moon LP Token, calls the Immigration contract to redeem MLP, and Immigration contract again stakes the MLP to the Farm pools and starts automatic mining.