MoonSwap Maintenance Announcement: Go to A Wider Space
Dear voyagers,
The Conflux mainnet is will implement upgrading. At the same time, MoonSwap’s related functions will also enter the maintenance state. The schedule involved in this upgrade is as follows:
● The Conflux mainnet upgrade will begin at 10:00 am, October 28, UTC. MoonSwap will also perform maintenance services and functions will be suspended. cMOON mining will also be suspended. During this period, please do not perform operations such as transfer, deposit, or withdraw.
● The mainnet upgrade will conclude at 10:00 am, October 29, UTC. At this time, Moonswap will also resume all services. The cMOON generated during this period will be airdropped to miners. You can apply to claim via the MoonSwap website.

Note: After the Conflux upgrade is completed, the deposit address in MoonSwap allocated by the cross-chain alliance will change. Please pay attention when performing the deposit operation.

After the upgrade is completed, MoonSwap will continue to introduce more types of assets, higher liquidity, and more diversified returns.
Q: How long will Conflux's mainnet upgrade last?
Start Time: UTC 10am Oct 28
End Time: UTC 10am Oct 29
Q: What do I need to do during the upgrade?
No, you don't need to do anything. Due to the upgrade of the Conflux mainnet, during this time, please do not perform operations such as deposit and withdrawal on MoonSwap, and the trading function will be temporarily closed.
Q: Is the mining of cMOON still going on during the mainnet upgrade?
Yes, the mining of cMOON is still in progress, but the distribution of cMOON generated by the mining will be suspended. When the Conflux mainnet upgrade is completed, these cMOONs will enter the airdrop contract and be distributed to miners. At that time, you can come to MoonSwap website to claim it.
Q: How to claim cMOON generated during the mainnet upgrade?
When the mainnet upgrade is complete, enter => Conflux galaxy, click "Farm" to enter the mining pool where your MLP is located, and you can claim it.
Q: Do I need to upgrade my ConfluxPortal?
Yes. Versions below Conflux-portal v0.5.0 will not be able to connect directly to the Conflux Tethys network. Please use the latest version of Conflux-portal v0.5.1 and above. You can download the latest version of ConfluxPortal from the Chrome Web Store or
Q: After Conflux is upgraded, CFX will be officially launched. Will trading in MoonSwap still be 0GAS?
Yes!!! The Conflux team has set a limit of 1CFX for each transaction. As long as the GAS fee of a transaction does not exceed 1CFX, the Conflux team will pay for the user, which is enough to cover the cost of normal transactions. But if you manually set the GAS fee to a very large value to exceed 1CFX, this transaction may fail, or use CFX in your account, please be careful.
Q: Why I can't see my tokens in ConfluxPortal after the upgrade of Conflux mainnet?
After the upgrade of the Conflux mainnet, the token contract has changed. You need to add a new token contract in ConfluxPortal. You can check find the contracts here: