MoonSwap Bi-Weekly Report Sep. 28 — Oct. 11
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MoonSwap has seen a busy but fruitful development during the last two weeks. In order to update the community our recent progress and collect suggestions, MoonSwap decided to make this Bi-weekly report of MoonSwap.
We understand that product is the foundation for any project to last long enough to show its real value whereas community is like the blood of a DeFi ecosystem. Hence, during the past weeks, MoonSwap continued to improve the product’s user experience and expand its community, NFT was also a focus, as shown the following detailed progress:
  1. 1.
    Sep. 28: MoonSwap updated version released
  2. 2.
    Sep. 29: MoonSwap Community Manager Incentive Program Announced
  3. 3.
    Oct. 1 to Oct. 4: MoonSwap has recently launched the “MoonSwap Global AMA Series” aiming to further explore DeFi opportunities with other leading DeFi projects and investment organizations. The 1st episode was held on Oct.1st.
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    Oct. 3: MoonSwap launched the City of A Thousand Planets Program to expand its asset list.
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    Oct. 4: MoonSwap’s brand new home page released.
  6. 6.
    MoonSwap’s mobile APP entered its final testing stage.
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    The domain name purchased. The info web page completed its development and entered the final optimization stage.
  8. 8.
    MoonEcoDao-incubated project Confi City established, aiming to promote the adoption of “DeFi+NFT+Game” ecosystem.

MoonSwap Updated Version Went online

MoonSwap’s updated version went online on Sep. 28.
The updated version has improved the following functions: 1. Chinese version of MoonSwap is online, supporting easy switch between Chinese & English. 2. Notes for MoonSwap home page, wallet home page, deposit and withdrawal have been added. 3. Deposit and withdrawal page is changed to open in new page. 4. Scroll bar of Windows is repaired.

MoonSwap Community Manager Incentive Program

In order to better develop the Moon community, as we said when we started, MoonSwap will inject 20% of the team’ allocation into the MoonEcoDAO, which will be used to motivate members who contribute to the development of the MoonSwap community.
In the first stage, 100,000 $MOON will be injected into the MoonEcoDAO address for community development;

Brand New MoonSwap Homepage

On October 4th, MoonSwap proudly presented our brand new homepage to the community. The new homepage has a simple and comfortable design. It can convenient direct users to different areas of MoonSwap: Exchange, Farm, Tools (including useful explorers), Developer, Community, and FAQ. Meanwhile, users are able to see important information on the new homepage, like total liquidity, Gas fee and time saved by MoonSwap.

City of A Thousand Planets Program

As a highly-concerned question, many community members are keen to know when MoonSwap will start to expand its asset list by introducing more ERC20 assets. On Oct 3, MoonSwap announced the launch of “the City of a Thousand Planets” Program (CTPP).
MoonSwap also lunched a Twitter campaign surrounding CTPP for the community to invite their favorite projects to be listed on MoonSwap by filling this form out.

MoonSwap Global AMA Tour

MoonSwap embarked on the global AMA tour on October 1 in our own Telegram group and the following three AMAs were held in three different blockchain enthusiast groups with high participation.
Thanks to the global AMA tour, Mr. Moon, the founder of MoonSwap, was able to share his insights on DeFi and DEXs, plan for MoonSwap, and most importantly, his thoughts on why MoonSwap can standout among various projects, with more that 50K community members combined. The AMA tour received positive feedback and a great volume of questions regarding MoonSwap. As many key issues are repeated throughout the four AMAs, you can get an overview by checking the Global AMA Tour Day 1 Recap article with the following link.Recap on MoonSwap’s Global AMA Tour Day1DeFi (Decentralized Finance) is growing very rapidly this year. Data from DeFi Pulse shows that up until Oct 1, the…

Confi City:to Create a “DeFi+NFT+Game” Ecosystem

In collaboration with Conflux, MoonEcoDao incubated Confi City to promote the adoption of “DeFi+NFT+Game” ecosystem and empower the ecosystem and applications of Moon. Confi City will also provide a complete series of services for NFT generation, issuance, circulation, and trading.