MoonSwap Weekly Report (Oct 26th to Nov 1st)
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To MoonSwap Community

Hello MoonSwap community. Thanks to our collaborative work, the MoonSwap ecosystem has seen some major progress this week. First, MoonSwap migrated all assets the Conflux Tethys network, and finished the final debugging and security confirmation with the completion of Conflux mainnet upgrade. Second, the Genesis NFT Airdrop event received great success and positive feedback from the community. 1024 genesis voyagers received Genesis NFT and NFT transfer function is now open. More rewards for Genesis NFT holders are on the way. Meanwhile, two more trading pairs, FC / cMOON and CFX / USDT were added to Last but not least, the leading public chain Conflux chose MoonSwap as its first Swap to list. and we have more plans to announce soon. Stay tuned, voyagers!


On DeFi Weekly Ranking by Dappbirds, MoonSwap’s cMOON / cETH and cYFII / cETH ranked the 4th and 5th of the highest yield of liquid mining, with an APY of 203.94% and 202.81% respectively.
MoonSwap was also featured in the DeFi + NFT Top Stories.

Technical & Development Updates

1. Migration to Conflux Tethys Network — Oct.29

On Oct. 29th, MoonSwap finished maintenance with the completion of Conflux mainnet upgrade. All assets on MoonSwap were successfully migrated to the Conflux Tethys network, and the final debugging and security confirmation were accomplished.
Please note that the deposit address in MoonSwap allocated by the cross-chain alliance will change. Please pay attention when depositing.
MoonSwap has been running smoothly since and will introduce more assets with higher returns to investors.

2. FC / cMOON and CFX / USDT Trading Pair Added — Oct.31

In order to increase MoonSwap’s asset diversity, we launched 2 new trading pairs: FC / cMOON and CFX / USDT on Oct.31.

Events & Community Updates

1. Genesis NFT Airdrop for 1024 Genesis Voyagers — Oct.28

To commemorate the groundbreaking event of MoonSwap becoming the first AMM DEX running on Ethereum Layer 2, MoonSwap launched the Genesis NFT airdrop event for its community members.
These 1024 NFTs are only obtainable from this airdrop event and will never have inflation. Every community member who had participated in the Genesis Mining and successfully completed the liquidity migration were eligible for the Genesis NFT airdrop, as well as CFX airdrop rewards.
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On Oct. 30th, all MoonSwap Genesis NFT were airdropped to community members along with cMOON rewards for NFTs with certain lucky numbers, and we got great feedback from the community.

2. DeFi Broadcast Hosted by MoonSwap — Oct. 29

On Oct.29, Gary, the Asia-Pacific Manager of MoonSwap invited Justin, the Chinese Community Manager of TomoChain, and John, the Global Community Partner of HubDAO, to MoonSwap’s DeFi live streaming program.
TomoChain is one of the most popular public chain in Vietnam and HubDAO is one of the earliest DeFi projects based in South Korea. The three exchanged the current development of DeFi in each country and talked about how will Asia-based DeFi projects go global.

3. Twitter Campaign with ConFi NFT Rewards On Going — Oct. 29