MoonSwap Weekly Report Oct.12 — Oct.18
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In the past week, MoonSwap has continued to advance in terms of products, communities, and markets, including:
1. The Asian DeFi Alliance (ADA) initiated by MoonSwap successfully hosted its first online press conference, with many well-known investment institutions and project leaders in the industry attended;
2. ConFi NFT is officially on sale. A total of 500 NFTs in the second stage were sold out within 80 seconds;
3. The MoonSwap APP has passed the internal test by the team. Now, we launched the “Angel Project” to the community, and launched a closed internal test for community users;

ADA’s Successful Conference

On October 16, the Asian DeFi Alliance (ADA) initiated by MoonSwap successfully hosted its first online launch event. This three-hour press conference gathered many well-known DeFi investment institutions and project leaders from around the world, including:
● Mr. Omer Ozden, Chairman of RockTree Capital,
● Harry, the head of Binance Launchpool,
● Mr. Frank Fu, Global CEO of Math Wallet and Executive Director of Fenbushi Capital,
● Richard Wang, Managing Partner of Draper Dragon Fund, Kevin, Founding Partner of Consensus Lab,
● Mr. Yang Mindao, the founder of dForce,
● ForTube co-founder Mr. Xu Chao,
● Founder of NestFans Forum Shi Er,
● Garry, Head of MoonSwap Asia Pacific,
● Jason Wu, founder of DeFiner,
● Mr. Ding Yunpeng, the founder of Gollf,
● Loopring COO Jay Zhou.
Also, we would like to say special thanks to Jenny Yang, founder of BlockGlobe, Lu Jiang, CMO of CCValue, and Mandy Wang, founder and CEO of Odaily, for participating in this online conference as hosts.

ConFi NFT Officially on Sale

On October 17, and with the cooperation of MoonSwap, ConFi CITY released 5000 ConFi NFTs on the MoonSwap platform and the reaction from the MoonSwap community was enthusiastic. On the first day, 500 NFTs were sold out within 3 minutes after the launch, and on the second day, 500 NFTs were sold out within 80 seconds.
This NFT sale adopts tiered pricing, divided into 6 periods. Users can subscribe through cMOON. The earlier that purchase it, the lower the price. MoonSwap stated that all cMOON from the sale of NFT will be used to give back to the community. Distributed in the following way:
● 30% MOON → Early bird mining pool: Stake NFT to get MOON as rewards
● 20% MOON will be permanently burned
● 25% MOON → CandyBOX, collect 8 different NFTs to get an FC treasure box;
● 25% MOON → Airdropped to the Conflux community to purchase the first blind box as a promotion
For the middle of the next month, we expect that the ConFi CITY team will launch the Tspace platform and all NFTs can be traded. Besides, a game with these NFTs as the protagonist will also be launched and when users gather 8 different NFTs, they can also open a CandyBOX and get 300FC.
The sale is still in progress:

MoonSwap APP launchs Private Test

The MoonSwap APP will be launched soon. Integrating a multi-chain decentralized wallet that will support MoonSwap’s mobile transactions & mining and convenient & safe cross-chain asset transfers.
In order to provide users with a better experience, we will launch the “Angle Project” before the MoonSwap APP is released, recruit community users to participate in the private beta, and conduct the second phase of our Bug Bounty at the same time. Each bug found AND confirmed by the team will be rewarded with 10–50 cMOON