MoonSwap Weekly Report (October 19th to 25th)
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To MoonSwap Community

Hello MoonSwap community. Thanks to our collaborative work, the MoonSwap ecosystem has seen some major progress this week. First, MoonSwap finished its APP closed internal testing and will launch the official APP in several days. Meanwhile, MoonSwap has seen a successful ConFi NFT sale season and completed the NFT revenue burning, marking the accomplishment of the 1st stage our deflation program. Last but least, Asia DeFi Alliance initiated by MoonSwap welcomed 7 new members to the family and the member list continues to grow.

Technical & Development Updates

MoonSwap finished its APP internal testing and will launch its official APP this week.


MoonSwap adjusted its transaction fee to 0.3% per transaction, of which 0.25% will be distributed among liquidity providers on MoonSwap proportionate to their liquidity, and 0.05% will be used for MoonSwap’s Buyback & Burn program. When the Buyback & Burn fund accumulates to $10,000 every time, the Buyback & Burn operation will be triggered.

Events & Community Updates

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    All 6 rounds of ConFi NFT sales ended with exciting results: a total of 5000 NFT were sold out throughout the six rounds. The second round of ConFi NFT were gone within 80 seconds after the sale launch.
2. The revenue of the ConFi NFT sales are 101,000 MOON tokens. 20% of these tokens (20,200 MOON tokens or $8,430 at the time of burning) were successfully burnt this week, marking the completion of the 1st stage of our deflation program. Click this link here to get more information about the burning.
3. This week, Asia DeFi Alliance initiated by MoonSwap welcomed seven more new members to the family. They are:
  • Wing, the first DeFi Cross-chain platform that integrates credit elements based on Ontology.
  • BitMax, the global digital asset trading platform.
  • HotBit, the digital assets trading platform with users from more than 210 counties and regions in the world.
  • WICC, a Blockchain service provider that fosters technology research and development, as well as project operation.
  • Bella, a one-stop open financial platform, with tools such as automatic liquidity mining/yield farming, reception protocols, etc.
  • HubDAO, a progressive DeFi aggregator that aims to overcome the problems that come with information asymmetry and isolated service environments within the DeFi ecosystem.
  • TomoChain, a scalable blockchain platform based on the Proof-of-Stake Voting consensus.
4. On Oct. 19, Jenny from MoonSwap was invited to the broadcast program Block Live Aisa. Jenny talked about how MoonSwap brings users a whole new DEX trading experience with fast speed and 0 Gas fee.
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