FC-cMOON Pair and CFX-cUSDT Pair Launch Announcement
Since its inception, MoonSwap has taken it as its own duty to realize efficient, more convenient and cheaper decentralized trading experience for more users and assets. Hence, we started to run the decentralized trading protocol on Ethereum Layer 2 as the world’s first project to do so and saved over 1 million dollors GAS FEE for our users, and introduced Genesis NFT and ConFi NFT to MoonSwap ECO. A day ago, we also accompanied Conflux to successfully complete its mainnet upgrade, marking a new starting point for MoonSwap.
In order to increase MoonSwap’s asset diversity, we will launch 2 new trading pairs: FC / cMOON and CFX / USDT at UTC 7am Oct 31. At the same time, we will adjust the weight of the mining pool on Halloween (UTC 14:00 Oct 31), and distribute candy to community users who hold FC.
The final result of the weight adjustment of the Conflux galaxy mining pool is as follows:
Total weight: 100
cMOON-cETH: 75x
cMOON-mFC: 4x
cUSDT-cETH: 5x
cUSDC-cETH: 5x
cDAI-cETH: 5x
cLEND-cETH: 1x
cYFI-cETH: 1x
cLINK-cETH: 1x
cCOMP-cETH: 1x
cBAND-cETH: 1x
cUMA-cETH: 1x
The weight of the FC-cMOON mining pool will last for 3 days (from UTC 14:00 Oct 31 to UTC 14:00 Nov 3). For subsequent adjustments, please follow the official announcement.

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