The Discovery Setting Sail: MoonSwap Resumes its Asset Migration
MoonSwap is constantly introducing new assets to its asset list. We will add three mining pools: DPI/ETH, KP3R/ETH, and AAVE/ETH to Ethereum Galaxy at 12pm, Nov 11, UTC. UNI V2 token holders are allowed to stake their tokens and participate in mining. Asset migration will be launched at 12pm, Nov. 14, UTC, and liquidity will be migrated to MoonSwap from Uniswap.
The new pool weights will be implemented at 20pm, Nov. 11, UTC+8. Please check the following for detailed information:
Total weight: 100
Ethereum Galaxy
Conflux Galaxy
Migration Timeline (UTC):
12pm, Nov. 11: Mining starts on Ethereum Galaxy
12pm, Nov. 13: 24 hours migration countdown and deploy the Timelock
12pm, Nov. 14: Migration launches and Ethereum Galaxy mining suspends. The whole migration process will take 2 hours, during which period users are not able to withdraw their UNI-V2 Tokens. If you do not intend to migrate with MoonSwap, please withdraw your liquidity by the launch of migration.
2pm, Nov. 14: Migration completes. You need to Migrate Liquidity by One-Click, and stake the MPL gained into the corresponding Conflux Galaxy pools, to continue mining. The tokens mined during the 2 hours of migration will be airdropped to users in cMOON. Please claim your rewards. Here is a complete tutorial on the whole process:
Ather the migration, your UNI-V2 tokens will be burnt and new MLP tokens will be generated as a certificate of the liquidity you provided on MoonSwap, showing that you have become a LP of MoonSwap. By then, your ERC20 tokens are successfully swapped to ERC777 at a 1:1 ratio, and they can be swapped back and forth at any time.
How to migrate cross-chain:
How to deposit and withdraw on MoonSwap:
On Sep 24th, MoonSwap successfully migrated assets worth tens of millions of USD from Ethereum to Conflux. During the past 40 days, as the first AMM DEX running on Ethereum L2, MoonSwap has cumulatively saved more than a million USD in Gas fee for its users. We have complete and mature solutions. Meanwhile, we named this migration the "Discovery", a research spaceship featured in Star Trek. You are welcome onboard anytime and start this beautiful journey with us.
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