How to buy ConFi NFTs?
At present, the sales of ConFi NFT on MoonSwap have all ended
1.ConFi CITY NFT will be sold in 6 phases and the price and quantity in each phase are different. The earlier you buy, the lower the price.
2. The total amount of ConFi NFT sold in the first phase is 500, and the price is 16cMOON.
3. There will be a certain start and end time for each phase.
4. This is the remaining amount of the ConFi CITY NFT in this phase. There will be 500 NFT in total.
5. If you don’t have cMOON, you can purchase cMOON in MoonSwap.(Test account)
6. Click [Buy now] to call your wallet and pay cMOON.
7. A random ConFi CITY will be sent to you after the successful payment. (The likelihood of getting the hidden edition is 0.83%)
8. After purchase, you will be prompted to "Stake". After pledge, each 120 blocks can obtain cmoon according to the weight of pledge (it can be collected after the end of the activity)
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