Introduction to ConFi NFT
ConFi CITY is the world’s first blind box collection game that is combined with blockchain technology. ConFi CITY will issue a limited edition of 8 cute ConFi Trendy Blind Boxes, including:
- 7 Limited Collector’s Edition ConFi, each limited to 10,000 pieces;
- 1 Limited Edition of ConFi Mouse (hidden model), limited to 1,000 pieces.
A total of 71,000 pieces will be issued, the hidden model accounts for 1.4% and has no additional issuance.
ConFi CITY will also issue a global limited edition crypto collection corresponding to the number and style of the ConFi Blind Box: Crypto ConFi. Each ConFi has a unique serial number, a unique digital identity on the chain, a unique appearance, shape, and fashion, and there will also be some extremely exquisite and rare ones! What’s more striking is that each Blind Box contains a key to the crypto world!
MoonSwap has reached strategic cooperation with ConFi CITY and the first batch of 5061 ConFi NFTs will be issued on the MoonSwap platform. Among them, 5000 NFTs are used for sale and 61 NFTs are used for community incentives.
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