Genesis NFT Trading & Brand New Staking Vault To be Launched Soon
In order to satisfy MoonSwap community’ need, the Genesis NFT trading will be open at 12pm, Nov 5th, UTC. Users are able to buy and sell Genesis NFT with cMOON at that time, and we plan to support trading of more NFT in the near future. This will also be the first NFT asset trading platform on Conflux. MoonSwap will charge NFT sellers 2.5% of each transaction as handling fee, and the allocation rules of the handling fee is as follows: 1. 1% will be burnt 2. 1% will be injected into the Staking Vault 3. 0.5% will be used for platform maintenance. MoonSwap will launch the Staking Vault soon, and users are allowed to gain interests by staking tokens in the Vault, with the first supported token being cMOON. Meanwhile, MoonSwap will continue to expand the adoption scenario and the source diversity of the Staking Vault.
Genesis NFT was born to reward those brave who accompanied MoonSwap to complete the Genesis Migration. On September 24, we jointly completed the cross-chain migration of tens of millions of dollars in assets. In order to better commemorate this day, we will carry out the following activities from UTC 12pm Nov 5 to UTC 12pm Nov 6:
1) In the MoonSwap NFT trading market, whenever a transaction is completed, as long as the last digit of the tx Hash is any of the numbers 9, 2, or 4, both buyer and seller of this transaction can get 2cMOON airdrop.
2) The first 1024 transactions that meet the requirements can be rewarded.
3) The same Conlfux address can be rewarded up to 5 times.
4) Rewards will be distributed within 3 working days after the event ends.
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