Genesis NFT Trading Tutorial
1.My NFT
Click on My NFT, select Genesis NFT, and enter trading.
2.How to sell Genesis NFT?
1). Choose a Genesis NFT that you own and click "Sell"
2). Enter your selling price and click to confirm the order so you can put it on the market
3). After each NFT selling transaction is completed, the platform will charge the seller a 2.5% transaction fee. The distribution rules of transaction fees are as follows:
● 1% will be burnt
● 1% will be injected into the Staking vault
● 0.5% will be used for platform maintenance
3.The NFT Market
1) Here you can see all the NFTs that have been listed and available for sale;
2) By default, the latest listed NFT are shown at the top. We also support viewing in the reverse order;
3) By default, the lowest-priced NFT are at the top. We support viewing in the reverse order;
4) Enter the serial number of the NFT in the search box to find the NFT that has been listed;
5) If you find the Genesis NFT you are looking for, just click to buy it! (Please read carefully the below tutorial for how to buy NFT).
4.How to buy Genesis NFT?
1) Choose your favorite Genesis NFT in the trading market and click [Buy];
2) After clicking [Buy], a summary with the Genesis NFT’s information, price, and the address of the selling user will pop up;
3) Click [Confirm the Purchase] to jump to the wallet and pay.
5.My records
1) On sale All Genesis NFTs that are on sale are displayed on this page. You can click "Cancel Order" at any time to remove them from the market.
2) Purchased and Sold The records of all Genesis NFTs purchased and sold will be displayed on this page, both of them. The NFT you purchase will directly be added to your Genesis NFT backpack after the purchase transaction, and the Genesis NFT that you sell will disappear from the backpack after the successful sale transaction. Only the records of purchased and sold NFT are shown here, click [Hash] to view directly on-chain.
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