How to farm with ConFi NFT?
Early Bird Mining
1) 30% of the cMOON will be sent to the pool in every NFT purchase order.
2) Total NFT staked and your NFT staked (include both normal editions and the hidden edition)
3) You will get cMOON rewards for every 120 blocks. The rewards are not claimable before the end of the event. The cMOON rewards will be available to claim when the events ends.
4) After purchase, you can choose to stake. Every NFT edition will show its staking volume and your holding volume. Click stake to “My ConFi NFT”, then call Conflux Wallet to stake (limited to 1 NFT for each stake). After staking, the system will distribute rewards every 120 blocks, proportionate to your holding. (The weigh of the normal edition is 1 whereas the hidden edition is 20).
Stake Opening Time: UTC 4:00 Oct 17
Limit to 1 ConFi NFT for each stake. After the stake, the reward will be distributed every 120 Conflux blocks based on the weight of your ConFi NFT. (Each limited edition has a weight of 1, and each hidden edition has a weight of 20)
For Example:
At present, all users stake 10 limited edition NFTs and 2 hidden edition NFTs, so the total weight is 10+40=50.
You have staked a total of 2 limited edition NFTs and 1 hidden edition NFT, so your weight is 2+20=22.
The reward you get every 120 Conflux blocks = Your Weight / Total Weight * (Total rewards issued every 120 Conflux blocks)
Every 120 Conflux blocks will be distributed to all users 0.03% of the total prize pool
5) Click [Unstake] to withdraw your ConFi NFT. It will be returned here. (Note: limited to 1 NFT for each unstake)
6) This is the amount of NFT you staked.
7) Click My ConFi NFT to check your NFT assets
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