How will $MOON from sales of ConFi NFT be distributed?
MoonSwap is expanding its business to the NFT field and strives to promote the development and adoption of the Moon ecosystem by creating a diversified asset application scenario of “DeFi + NFT”. MoonSwap has launched a strategic partnership with ConFi CITY, they will provide 5061 ConFi NFTs to the MoonSwap community, and all MOON from the sale will be used to give back to the community, the specific distribution is as follows:
1. 30% MOON is used to set up an Early Bird Mining Pool, stake NFT to get $MOON rewards;
2. 20% MOON will be burned;
3. 25% MOON is used to put into CandyBOX, collect 8 different NFTs to get FC treasure box;
4. 25% MOON was airdropped to users in the Conflux community who purchased the first batch of blind boxes for promotion
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